Our Mission:
To Provide building blocks for children and families for a lifetime of success.

Our Vision:
Building leaders for today and tomorrow.

Our Values:

  • Individuals are respected and valued
  • Open and honest communication is fostered
  • Cultural diversity is respected
  • A non-judgmental atmosphere and attitude will be created and demonstrated
  • Equal educational opportunities are provided for all children and families, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or disability
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities are provided for staff and families
  • Openness and acceptance of progressive positive change is demonstrated
  • Every individual has intrinsic worth. The opinions, experience and feelings of others are given consideration
  • Children- that’s why we exist
  • Families- we believe families are the primary educators of their children

Our Philosophy:
We believe in assisting growth opportunities in children and families by being good role models and advocates and by providing positive environments to al levels of need within those structures. Our aim is to build self-esteem in children and families and to develop social, emotional, cognitive, physical and literary skills for a lifetime.